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The United Empire Club was originally founded in 1904

2014 will mark the 110 year anniversary of this original founding.

As such we are planning some major exhibitions and celebrations.

You’ll see more details here at

What’s a Title?

There is much talk about Titles, and how people can become entitled to a Title. There is no simple answer to this question, and everyone has their own story of how their family came to have their current Title (Titles)

Note Membership is open to :

  • Gentlemen and Ladies of Historic Families
  • Lords and Ladies of The Manor
  • Barons and Baronesses
  • Counts and Countesses
  • Marquis and Marchionesses
  • Dukes and Duchesses
  • Princes and Princesses
  • Kings and Queens

For more details on whether you are currently able to join The United Empire Club, or how can go about becoming eligible, please get in touch.