The Landed Gentry Register

The ‘LANDED GENTRY REGISTER’ is the only register in the U.K for Feudal and Manorial Titles with specialist Manorial archives dating back to 1904 . Our archives and library has manorial records many hundreds of years old to verify ownership of a Title. The register today is used by solicitors/lawyers and private individuals to verify ownership of Titles.

Caveat Emptor
We recommend that purchasers of titles check with our register first before buying a Title.
Do note – we don’t provide legal or professional advice. We can simply clarify if any one has registered their title with the register or if the details you wish to be confirmed match our records.

Please Note:

We do not sell Titles, we only keep a registry for the purpose of ‘Ownership Verification’, we cannot ask registered owners of Titles if they want to sell their Title, as this would be a breach of privacy, which is against our ‘Code of Conduct’.

The United Empire Club was a gentleman’s club that was founded in 1904; the membership manager had to ascertain if a gentleman had the financial capability of paying for his membership fees and restaurant & bar bills he may incur being a member of the club. Nowadays credit checking is simple using ‘credit reference agencies’ like Experian or Equifax but at the turn of the last century it was difficult. There wasn’t even a Land registry yet as the Land Registry started in 1925. The membership manager created a list of Gentry that we call “The Landed Gentry Register”. This register was for internal use of the club for the purpose of vetting potential new members, it consisted of several reference books, archive records and lists that date all the way back as far as the Doomsday book 1086. It served as a who’s who in society and recorded Lords of the Manor, Barons and Nobility.

In short if you did not appear on this registry or you were not related to someone on the registry or already a member of the club, then membership to the club was unlikely. Nowadays the “Landed Gentry Register” is used as a list/reference of “Titled People”. If you are a member of the United Empire Club then it means that you have been vetted by the membership manager and are accepted and regarded as “Landed Gentry” therefore classified as “High Society” and on the LANDED GENTRY REGISTER.

There are two types of Membership:

1) Full Membership

Membership to LANDED GENTRY REGISTER included.

2) Registry Member

A Registry Member is a Lord of the Manor, Baron, Feudal Title holder or nobility that requires their Title entered into the LANDED GENTRY REGISTER for protection against “TITLE HIJACKING” (this is where someone exploits a loophole in the law to steal the use of a Title already held by an owner).


Yearly fee £12
Five Years Advance fee £50
Ten Years Advance fee £75
Life Registration fee £250


Whilst the LANDED GENTRY REGISTER is not published it is possible to pay for a search  of the LANDED GENTRY REGISTER to see if a particular Title is recorded or registered. This is strongly advised to potential Title purchasers to prevent the purchase of “Fake Titles” or “Hijacked Titles”.

A search will reveal if the Title is already owned by someone and could save thousands of pounds being spent on a dubious title seller.

  • Public Search = £40
  • Law Society registered Solicitors = £25 (Conforms with Due diligence legal requirements)

THE UNITED EMPIRE CLUB is an independent entity that does not recommend any particular Title selling company. Nor is a title of any required to be apply for membership.